MARLYS HANN would like to help you design a new home or figure out a renovation.  She can organize the process for you, starting with the land you are considering buying, and where to locate your house, or how to renovate existing structure/s to become your home or other project.

Her creativity and design skills can be merged with the knowledge that only you can have about what you need in your home or other spaces to make them work for you.  This process results in a project that is a reflection of you, but will make sense in its environment and have long lasting value.

MARLYS HANN can help you find the best contractor for your project and prepare the design documents, specifications, and contract so that the optimum design for the best cost can be achieved.  She will observe and administer the process during construction so that you get what you are expecting for what you are expecting to pay.  She will help with the decisions and absorb the hassles, so you can enjoy the excitement of developing your home or project.